BIOWATER (2017-2022) is a Nordic Centre of Excellence, funded by NordForsk under the Nordic Programme of Bioeconomy.

BIOWATER consists of eight Nordic partners in four countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). In addition, three collaborating European research institutions act as advisors. BIOWATER also includes a large number of stakeholder representatives across countries and sectors. A main focus of BIOWATER is our PhD-students, covering different topics of the Centre, in all four countries. BIOWATER is lead by the two Norwegian institutes NIBIO (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research) and NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences).

Through co-operation between stakeholders, scientists and students, BIOWATER will explore how the green shift will influence land use, water quality and quantity. We aim to provide management solutions in the face of potentially competing demands for biomass, land and water resources.

Our main objective is to quantify the combined effects of land use change, climate change and industrial innovation due to the green shift, for catchment-scale carbon, nutrient and water cycles, as well as major ecosystem services (including good ecological status of fresh waters).