BIOWATER’s main objective is to quantify the combined effects of land use change, climate change and industrial innovation due to the green shift, for catchment-scale carbon, nutrient and water cycles, as well as major ecosystem services (including good ecological status of fresh waters).


1) Engage stakeholders and management in identifying future scenarios that accommodate for the consequences of the green shift and foreseen climate changes;

2) Analyse environmental impacts of the green shift on land use, and consequently on water quality and quantity in the Nordic countries;

3) Provide a platform to serve regional and national policy makers by increasing the understanding of the trade-offs among competing alternative land use and management systems.


The combination of climate change and the Green Shift is expected to change the land use patterns in the Nordic countries. Industrial innovations may lead to new ways of utilising natural resources, and all of these changes are expected to affect water quality and quantity. How will this, again, affect our society?