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BIOWATER is proud to announce that our former PhD student, now post doc, Mette Vodder Carstensen, is one of five talented researchers that received Aarhus University Research Foundation’s PhD Award for 2020. We can only say, well deserved, Mette! The assessment criteria of the Aarhus University PhD programme include the excellent quality of the thesis and the general efforts of

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Can trees along agricultural headwater streams improve the aquatic ecology and habitat quality? This question was asked by four scientists from Finnish and Canadian institutes. And their answer is: Yes, they can! The authors set out to study the effects on ecology of riparian land use. To do this, they studied 11 paired forested and open agricultural headwater stream reaches.

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Catch up on sediments to understand particulate phosphorus processes

PhD student Hannah Wenng and co-authors recently published a paper where they study catchment processes of particle mobilisation and transport. In arable land, phosphorus losses are often closely linked to sediment losses, which means that a better understanding of the sediment-runoff processes is important to select the most optimal and targeted mitigation measures to reduce eutrophication. Hannah installed turbidity sensors

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Increased carbon and nitrogen concentrations in boreal forested catchments

Brownification of waters is a threat to aquatic ecosystems over large areas in Europe. A new paper links increasing concentrations of dissolved organic carbon to climate, deposition, and land-use, and the complex interactions between them. The authors studied 12 small forested headwater catchments in Finland, with monitoring records from 1990 to 2019. The catchments had a large gradient of climate

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Intensified forestry can change surface water quality

“The ambition to use forestry as a climate mitigation measure should take into consideration the potential effects of forestry management methods on soil and surface water quality, in particular in acid-sensitive areas such as southern Norway.” This is the main message of a new paper titled “Intensified forestry as a climate mitigation measure alters surface water quality in low intensity

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use of satellite images, land-use statistics and coefficients to predict nutrient runoff

Can land-use-specific export coefficients be used together with satellite images (Landsat) and/or regional land-use statistics to estimate loads and concentrations of total nitrogen, total phosphorus, and suspended solids? This question was raised by the authors of a new publication in Science of the Total Environment. Main author is Biowater’s PhD student Joy Bhattacharjee. The study area was the Simojoki catchment

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